Who We Are

Roots is a group of music loving and performing people with a purpose – to hold up the mirror of folk music to our audience so that they get a good look at who they really are, the rich heritage that they come from. We, in Roots, have come together because of our passion for folk music. Our vision is to popularise and use folk music as a media to influence and inspire people.

We have come together as a Music Group to find and establish the cultural identity of each and every Indian through the medium of folk music.


  • To promote folk music through performances, seminars, talks and workshops
  • To understand and spread the meaning of folk music
  • To create awareness and liking for folk-based music amongst the new generation
  • To spread the messages of powerful folk-based artist
  • Use folk music to promote harmony and understanding amongst all
  • Finally, bridge the gap between different parts of the Country by highlighting folk music events of different societies

Philosophy of Roots

Roots is a folk-based Music Group with a Purpose – to drive Change in the society through the power of Music. The change can be against oppression, against violence, towards love and towards peace. A change that binds people through Music, more specifically through Folk Music which is the root of all music.

Works of the great exponents of folk music carry messages of love and peace. Roots endeavours to spread these messages of great folk musicians, composers and lyricists.

Roots believes that folk music has the inherent strength to bind people together across all region and religion irrespective of the caste, creed and society they belong to. We believe that folk music can be the inspiration for common people to do great things

Roots Performance Format

In all its performances, Roots concentrates not only on the audio-visuals per se but also on making the presentation comprehensible in terms of language and the meanings conveyed to all cross-sections of our audience.


  • Roots wants you to listen, see, experience, feel and learn
  • Every performance of Roots is thematic – we have focus
  • We do not simply perform, we do extensive research on the theme and the background to bring out the social and cultural significance involved
  • Whatever language Roots perform in,
    • well-versed anchors explain the themes and the meanings
    • simultaneous literal English translations of the content of the ongoing performance are scrolled on multiple display boards

Sample Format